With the multimedia project space THAT’S LEATHER! From A to Z, the German Leather Museum is inviting visitors to familiarize themselves with the millennia-old material that is leather.

The profile of its collection with its clear emphasis on a specific material makes the German Leather Museum unique worldwide. The diversity of leather as well as similar and alternative materials and their particular look and feel are on show for individual encounters in the innovative project space.

Various hands-on stations encourage visitors to discover and to feel the different materials. Touching is expressly allowed! Meanwhile, a leather alphabet from A for ‘Antilopenpergament’ (antelope vellum) to Z for ‘Ziegenleder’ (goatskin) presents exhibits from all areas of the German Leather Museum’s collection along with the leather that has been worked for each of them. With other touchable examples like cowhide, bullfrog and sharkskin, as well as vegan and recycled materials like hoof fungus or Piñatex® (pineapple fibers), visitors can use media boards to view information on the relevant materials and their specific properties. Alongside the various materials, different design techniques and leatherworking professions are also presented, while topics such as species conservation and environmental and sustainability aspects are likewise addressed.  

Seven short films produced by the German Leather Museum supplement the comprehensive overview of leather as a material and provide intriguing insights into the craftsmanship and production of a region that has been shaped by the leather industry like no other. In the cinematographic portraits, former and present-day players in leatherworking businesses in the city and district of Offenbach discuss the tradition, the manufacturing processes, and fashions in leatherworking.

This extensive exhibition has been facilitated by the generous sponsorship of the Dr. Marschner Foundation.


The media panels were produced by MESO Digital Interiors GmbH.