Since 2012, Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas have been creating leather bags and accessories that are well outside the conventional fashion designs and possess a persuasive formal vocabulary of their own. To mark the TSATSAS brand’s 10th anniversary Deutsches Ledermuseum is hosting a solo exhibition showcasing the work of the designer label that has an international reach but still produces locally in Offenbach/Main. The exhibition focuses on presenting the many different sides to the creative work process, from the initial idea and the transformation of a traditional artisanal craft to the sources of cultural inspiration in contemporary art, design, architecture and even music.

The short film produced especially for the exhibition offers an insight into both TSATSAS’ Frankfurt studio and, for the first time, its Offenbach workshop.

Concept: Nora Cammann, Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas
Film: Nora Cammann, Nina Eichsteller, Noah Eliyas Henrich, Ole Wei-Yang Ripper

Tote bag FLUKE, calfskin leather, 2012 and Clutch TAPE XS, calfskin leather, 2017 © Dimitrios Tsatsas, TSATSAS
Tote bag FLUKE, calfskin leather, 2012 and Clutch TAPE XS, calfskin leather, 2017 © Dimitrios Tsatsas, TSATSAS

By highlighting varied thematic sections, the exhibition offers many an insight into the sophisticated design of the leather goods and the craftsmanship that goes into them. It also spotlights various collaborative projects and joint ventures such as to give a fascinating peek behind the scenes of this successful label. The climax of the presentation in DLM is a kinetic installation that shows over 30 models from the past ten years of the TSATSAS collection. In an endless loop the bags glide past visitors as if transported on a conveyor belt. Presenting the models like this according to a system that is neither chronological nor hierarchical serves to symbolize the idea of timeless design so typical of the label.

A kinetic installation.

Concept: Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas
Film: Nora Cammann
Sound: Attained Dreams

Projects and collaborations with renowned figures from a wide variety of creative fields extend the TSATSAS design cosmos. Among other things, they took up a design by Dieter Rams, the former head of design at Braun, and 50 after he first came up with it launched the timeless design of his Bag 931. In another collaboration they were consulted by architect Sir David Chipperfield – the joint result was the SUIT-CASE leather travel bag that is completely free of plastic. These are also presented in the exhibition as are other collaborations including one with jewelry designer Saskia Diez.

Music plays an important role for Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas. For many years there has been a TSATSAS playlist, which accompanies and inspires the couple through all the processes. This is shared for the first time via this link here.

Accompanying the exhibition is an extensive publication from arnoldsche Art Publishers. This is available for purchase on site in the museum or can be ordered via e-mail at 

The exhibition has been made possible thanks to generous funding from Dr. Marschner Stiftung.