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THE GLOVE More than fashion

In the form of THE GLOVE: More than fashion Deutsches Ledermuseum is tracing the varied cultural history of an accessory whose importance is often underestimated. The sheer diversity of this article of clothing is demonstrated by means of selected exhibits, from warming Inuit mittens, boxing gloves, disposable rubber or latex gloves, and Pontifical gloves, to models by renowned designers such as Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten.

Publication on the exhibition, 2022, edited by Inez Florschütz in cooperation with Leonie Wiegand, texts Leonie Wiegand, introduction by Inez Florschütz, foreword by Madeleine Häse, German/English, 200 p., 198 color and 46 black-and-white illustrations, 25,- €, ISBN 978-3-89790-685-3, Hardcover

TSATSAS past present future

Since 2012, Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas have been creating leather bags and accessories that deviate from fashion’s established design concepts and take a new approach free of aesthetic limitations. With the exhibition and publication TSATSAS. past, present, future, published to mark the TSATSAS brand’s 10th anniversary, the Deutsches Ledermuseum showcases the work of this internationally successful designer label that is still produced locally in Offenbach am Main.

Publication on the exhibition, 2022, edited by Inez Florschütz, Deutsches Ledermuseum, texts by David Chipperfield, Yoko Choy, Markus Frenzl, Dieter Rams, Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas, German/English, 200 p., 122 color and 18 black-and-white illustrations, 34,- €, ISBN 978-3-89790-655-6, Hardcover

STEP BY STEP: Shoe.Design through the Ages

Shoes are far more than functional and fashionable cladding for feet. Alongside the design of various shoe types over centuries, their roles as a protective item of clothing, a status symbol, a fashion item or a political statement for the wearer form the focus of the exhibition and the catalog.

Exhibition catalog, 2019, ed. by Inez Florschütz in cooperation with Maureen Ogrocki and Leonie Wiegand, texts by Inez Florschütz, Katharina Lippe, Maureen Ogrocki, Stefanie Rohde & Leonie Wiegand, 288 pages, 320 color illustrations, € 34.00, ISBN 978-3-89790-581-8, soft cover with flaps

(available in German only)



The catalog marks the 100th anniversary of the museum’s foundation, presenting highlights of its extraordinary collection in their cultural-historical contexts and recounting intriguing tales about their former owners or how they came to be in the museum. Alongside texts on the history of the museum and its collection, it also includes photographs from the extensive archive, as well as a glossary for leather.

Exhibition catalog, 2017, ed. by Inez Florschütz, texts by Vanessa Didion, Inez Florschütz, Andreas Hansert, Kirsten Pick, & Maria Anna Tappeiner, 276 pages, 120 color and 149 b/w illustrations, € 34.00, ISBN 978-3-7356-0391-3, soft cover with flaps

(available in German only)


For the first time, the German Leather Museum presents 40 prototypes from Roger Vivier’s ‘wild years’, the 1930s, which illustrate the life’s work of a master shoemaker who left his mark on 20th-century shoe design the world over.

Exhibition catalog, 2014, ed. by the German Leather Museum, texts by Rosita Nenno, Christian Rathke, Inge Specht et al., 106 pages, 94 illustrations, € 25.00, ISBN: 978-3-9815440-2-2, accompanying booklet with translations of the texts (English/Dutch) € 5.00


Taking 20 selected specimen cases, the restorers at the German Leather Museum shed light on their activities and offer interested readers an exciting look behind the scenes of the German Leather Museum.

Exhibition catalog, 2012, ed. by the German Leather Museum, texts by Nina Frankenhauser, Jutta Göpfrich & Katharina Mackert, German/English, 156 pages, 135 illustrations, € 25.00, ISBN: 978-3-9815440-0-8

POWER – LEATHER – LUST: Leather Powers Lust. Hidden codes of leather clothing in the 20th century

The catalog traces the path of leather from functional clothing to a means of expression of military might, to a fashion accessory for roleplay in the gothic and bondage scene, with a foray into the pictorial world of photography.

Exhibition catalog, 2008, ed. by Rosita Nenno, Christian Rathke, German Leather Museum, German/English, 160 pages, 150 illustrations, € 25.00, ISBN: 978-30-00-024422-3


This coffee-table book illustrates leatherworking spanning a period of around 800 years – from book covers and coffrets from the Middle Ages to chests, ornamental shields and gilded leather wall coverings, to modern-day handbags.

Exhibition catalog, 2006, ed. by the German Leather Museum, texts by Rosita Nenno & Christian Rathke, 252 pages, 133 illustrations, € 20.00, ISBN: 978-3938025673

(available in German only)